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History of Biblica La Delle Academy

Biblica La Delle Academy was conceived through calling, vision and prayers. In 2000, the founder, Mrs. Dana M. Hernandez, called by God for a specific mission, and other family members, as well as Ptr. Jessie Arnante, collaborated to establish a grade school (Grade I) in Marahan II, Alfonso, Cavite with the main purpose of developing the person as a whole. The school was named after the late Delia T. Mojica, a prayerful woman who died with a desire to serve God, to give the best for her family and to help the community. As another school year opened, the parents did not want their children to transfer to another school. That's why in 2001, new level was added. During the same year, the preschool department was established and permitted to operate with the help of the Little Angels Kiddie School, a church-based preschool, wherein the founder had been trained for almost 14 years. In 2003, with God's help and through the concerted efforts of the whole staff, the school was granted a recognition for preschool and elementary that made the institution more committed in promoting and providing quality education. The school had its first batch of elementary graduates in 2004. In 2006, the high school department was put up.

School Philosophy

Biblica La Delle Academy is a co-education "Christian" institution. Its philosophy of education is to inculcate an abiding faith in God through the Gospel Values for the enrichment of the student's Christian life, hence being of SERVICE to GOD's KINGDOM, his family, Country, and Fellowmen.

Our Vision

Biblica La Delle Academy, a premier Christian School, envisions itself to be the center of life-long learning producing responsible, independent and competent individuals, who live the Gospel values, protect the environment and the rest of God’s creation, make rational decisions and commit themselves to excellent pursuits, thus making them instruments of nation-building.

Our Mission

BLDA commits itself in contributing to the integral growth and development of Filipino Youth.

AS A NON-SECTARIAN SCHOOL, BLDA strives to train its students and to instill their ethical and spiritual values.

AS A FILIPINO SCHOOL, BLDA inculcates among its students patriotism and nationalism to become productive citizens and active participants in nation building.

AS A CENTER FOR LEARNING, BLDA devotes itself to providing learning experiences which increase the child's awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in society and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement.

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