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BLDA Flexible Learning Experience (FLEx)

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flex (v.) to bend without breaking; to change something slightly to make it

more suitable for a particular situation

COVID-19 has a huge impact on education. Globally, it resulted in schools shut and over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom ( Locally, many schools were forced to switch to distance learning overnight.


BLDA recognized the urgency to provide a learning framework that is both effective and sustainable for the learners. What we have learned in the past year is that not all learners have the same level of readiness and capability to cope with the sudden changes in their learning setup.

This initiates our resolve to overcome these challenges and double BLDA's ongoing efforts to meet not only the academic but also the social-emotional needs of students.


Get to know the key features of FLEx below.



FLEx supports the holistic well-being of the learners and other BLDA stakeholders.

In our synchronous class schedule, we considered the recommended screen time for learners based on age groups.

FLEx prepares students to assume responsibility for learning. They will learn about netiquette, time management especially when doing ASYNCHRONOUS TASKS, independence, goal-setting, collaboration, and decision-making.

FLEx reinforces 21st century skills.


BLDA devotes itself to providing authentic and relevant learning experiences as students progress through their education.


Learners will still have to engage in formative and summative assessments. Teachers develop performance tasks that have MEANINGFUL CONTEXTS which allow learners to develop creativity and critical-thinking.


Our curriculum, instruction and assessment are all anchored to the DepEd K to 12 curriculum and enhanced to equip students with learning skills and competencies.



FLEx integrates technology and innovation with pedagogy.


Technology, when used effectively, is a tool that can enhance student engagement.

Our GSuite for Education 

subscription ensures that each learner will be provided a wide array of applications and tools that are accessible, secured, and safe.


Tools like Google Classroom and Google Meet are user-friendly and can be used in smartphones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers.

FLEx encourages the contribution of adults to student learning.


During our SYNCHRONOUS CLASSES, learners and teachers engage in an active interaction where each child feels welcomed, valued, and supported.


This framework also includes the family as a partner in enabling students to learn and develop.


Assistance and timely feedback will be given by teachers and other school personnel through a range of channels. 

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