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Child Protection Committee

          The Department of Education said that the policy is a product of school officials' negligence and inaction on various reports of abuses in schools.

          To bridge this gap, the policy mandates the establishment of a Child Protection Committee (CPC) in all public and private elementary and secondary schools. CPC will be tasked to draft a code of conduct to ensure child protection and safety. This will be reviewed every 3 years.

          DepEd is also obliged to develop a system for reporting, information education, monitoring the exercise of disciplinary action, and recommendation to address and prevent all forms of abuse.

          Luistro urged the use of modules on positive and non-violent discipline in the classroom, along with anger and stress management and gender sensitivity for school personnel, students and teachers. This will hopefully help them understand and deal with child abuse.  -​​

BLDA Child Protection Committee​​

         Chairperson: Dana M. Hernandez

         Vice-Chairperson: Salvacion C. Beltran


                         Teacher: Zoilo C. Mojica

                         Parent: Ptr. Jun Villela

                         Supreme Student Council: Maricor Shane E. Simpelo

                         Community-Barangay Council: Pacholo E. Castillo

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