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Every student is unique and has different gifts and abilities. Teachers at Biblica La Delle Academy  recognize these individual differences in their students and work hard to help each student reach his or her potential. Our teachers not only challenge and encourage the students, but love the students.

Preschool Department

"Children in BLDA will definitely gain the confidence to learn and communicate, as they are equipped with their parents' support, coupled with their teachers' persistence and skillful guidance."

​- Mrs. Miriam O. Hermoso


Elementary Department

"Being a new teacher here in Biblica is quite challenging. I learned to value differences, with respect and understanding. I'm very thankful that I was given the chance to work and teach here." 

- Ms. Carmina Sol D. Garcia

"Let God use us as a lamp to light others' path, as a lifeboat to save others who may be sinking, a ladder so that others may also see the glory of God, and as a teacher to teach His truth and His mission with love."




High School Department

"Make friends and enjoy every minute of your stay here. In Biblica, there's fun in learning."

- Ms. Micah Hernandez

"To be a part of Biblica La Delle is very rewarding. It is here where I feel I am important."

 - Mrs. Marlene C. Manalo


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